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Gas Appliances - 

Double Deep Fryer

Gas Appliances – Double Deep Fryer

This benchtop fryer has taken commercial deep frying to a new level. With a compact and lightweight design this fryer allows you to perform with all the efficiencies and power of any larger model.


This size is a perfect fit for the lower bench in your trailer cooking area.


Model: SY-TF600B

Dimensions: 600x650x475mm

Tank capacity: 8-10 L/Tank

Thermal power: 5.6 Kw/Tank

Temperature: 120-200 °C

Weight: 36kg

Gas consumption: 43 MJ/Hr

Supply pressure: 2.75 KPa



Structural & Functional Features :

  • Stainless Steel

  • Easy to clean

  • Includes 1 basket, lid and drain valve

  • Automatic thermostatic device

  • Adjustable temperature control range: 102-200°C

  • Over-temperature protection function

  • Heavy duty tubular burners

  • Flame failure protection device and Pilot flame standby function

  • The valve, stable in performance and safer in operation

Endorsement Statement :

The gas appliance as described above, complies with regulation 57 of the GSMR 2010 Gas Regulations and meets the relevant standards required by NZS 5266

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