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Why should I choose NZ Food Trailers? 

NZFT is a registered NZ company, which has been operating for over nine years in NZ. We love what we do and strive to provide the best Food Trailers in the NZ market.

Our aim is to help supply you with an easy to operate, safe and affordable trailer to support you in your business.

I have seen similar Food Trailers in the market listed at lower price, why do they cost less? 

It is important to note that there is a wide range of trailer and material quality out in the market. Our trailers have higher quality materials, have better finishing and solid safety features, even though they may look similar to others in the NZ market. It is also important to check all compliancy requirements have been met. 

What are the standard features included on Food Trailers? 

Exterior Features

Galvanized Tow Frame and Chassis

2 Tons Coupling  

Swing Up Jockey Wheel

4 Heavy Duty Standing Legs

15” Wheels

1 year Rego + 3 years WOF + 4 years EWOF (electrical WOF)

One Year NZ Warranty

Interior Features

32Amp Electrical Installation (7000 watts) + EWof

Stainless Steel 304 Countertops and Shelves  

Stainless Steel Serving Bench

Dual Sinks + Quality Double Taps

Fresh and Waste Water Tanks

Haier Electric Water heater 10lts + Quality SeaFlow Water Pump

Cash Drawer with Data Connector

Extractor Fan 

What extra's can I choose? 

Stainless Steel Commercial Grade Bench Fridge or Freezer

Stainless Steel Commercial Range Hood

Stainless Steel Splash Back

Stainless Steel Gas Box 

Spare Wheel

Gas Appliances

Air conditioning

Direct Water Supply Options 

Does your trailer design comply with council requirements? 

All our trailers have complied with Council requirements. 
Please refer to the following Council guidelines:  

Design of a Mobile Shop (trailer unit or vehicle) must incorporate the following features:  

1.   It must afford “all-weather protection” to the food being offered for sale.   
2.   The interior walls, floor and ceiling must be constructed of material which can be easily cleaned, is impervious, smooth and light in color.  
3.   A wash hand basin must be provided and supplied with running hot and cold water. A hand basin is not required where the only food that is stored or  sole is either pre- packed or contained in sealed containers. A sink supplied with hot and cold running water is also required where food preparation is undertaken.    
4.   Where benches and shelves are used in connection with the storage of food they shall be constructed and places to be capable of being easily  cleaned.

5    Benches shall have a smooth, impervious surface which is free from cracks and other defects. This also applies to cutting boards.  

6.   The mobile shop/food-processing stall should be effectively vermin proofed.   
7.   Where cooking is undertaken in the mobile shop/food processing stall is shall be Provided with such ventilation as required by the Environmental Health Officer so as to:-   P
revent the air in the shop from becoming excessively heated.  

Prevent condensation on floors, walls and ceilings.  − Removal of objectionable odors.

What is the size and weight of rounded and square trailer models? 

Weights Grid.JPG

What material are these trailers made of? 

Round and Square models are made of high resistant fiberglass and XPS insulation. 

What is the difference between Single and Double (tandem) axle? 

Single Axle trailers are un-braked and are rated with ATM 1200Kgs 
Tandem or double axle trailers are rated with ATM 2500Kgs 

The maximum weight of a trailer is specified as either its Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM) or Gross Trailer Mass (GTM). ATM is the combined weight

of the trailer and its full load when it is not coupled to a tow vehicle.

What you recommend, braked or un-braked? 

If you choose a lightweight trailer (single axle) there is no need for brakes, since GVM is under 1.2 tonnes. 
For more weight capacity, we recommend a tandem braked type. 

Do you have financing available? 

Yes, we do have a partnership with MTF for financing trailers loans.


Contact Greg Strang

t: 07 577 6680 | m: 021 542 215  | 2 Tay Street | PO Box 4030 | Mt Maunganui 3149

More information available at

Is there a lease or hire option? 

Not at the moment sorry. 

Are there any trailers on stock for viewing?

We normally have a wide range of trailers in stock. Give us a call to check on the trailer you like the look of. 

Can I book viewing times during weekends?

We are open on weekdays, so feel free to pop in.  Viewings on the weekend can be made by appointment.

We will do our best to accommodate your needs. 

Do you have delivery options throughout NZ (North & South Island)?

Yes, can arrange transport throughout NZ, both in the North and South Island. 

What information should I provide for getting a quote from you? 

It would be a great help to understand the model and size of trailer you prefer?

We also need to know how many people you plan to have working inside the trailer.

Also what type of business you plan to operate? We can then guide you on the appropriate appliances, coffee machines, power consumption

and compliancy information you will need. 

What information should I provide for getting financing? 

First step is to get a quote from us, then get contact our financial agent to discuss requirements and payment terms. 

I’m not GST registered; can I buy your trailer at NET price (without GST)

Unfortunately, GST is a must for registered companies like ours. You can easily sign for GST with Inland Revenue to get your GST back.

Check this link for further info 

Does your food trailer include Registration and Warrant of fitness? 

Absolutely, we include REGO for 1 year and WOF for 3 years (from VTNZ) for all our trailers. 

Do these trailers have NZ warranty? If so, how it works?

Yes, we provide a 1 year back to base warranty. Please refer to our Warranty Policy.

What are the council requirements to operate a mobile shop?


Please refer to the following Council guidelines:  

Any person or business wishing to sell products from a mobile unit (e.g. converted caravan, trailer) on Council controlled land must first obtain a licence from Council and pay appropriate fees. Licenses can be obtained for a full year, or part year (full months only), for a minimum period of 1 month, for which fees will be charged on a pro-rata basis. In cases where food stuff is to be prepared and sold, the mobile unit will need to be inspected by the Environmental Health officer, for compliance with food hygiene requirements, before a licence can be issued. In all cases, a mobile unit must be warranted and registered. 
Market Only: 
Any person or business wishing to sell products from a mobile unit (e.g. converted caravan, trailer) at a Market only must first obtain a licence from Council and pay the one off annual fees. This fee is not available on a pro-rata basis, but the licence does enable the holder to operate from any market within the district, subject to the Market organiser’s approval. In cases where food stuff is to be prepared and sold, the mobile unit will need to be inspected by the Environmental Health officer, for compliance with food hygiene requirements, before a licence can be issued. In all cases, a mobile unit must be warranted and registered.” 

How can I get my council licence permit?  

If you have a mobile shop or commercial services business and want to trade in a public space, you will need a mobile trading licence. 
Get in contact with your city council, then request a meeting or apply online for your mobile trading licence.  
You will need an idea of your trading set-up, including any vehicles, tables, chairs and displays. 


What electrical wiring options do you offer; does it include EWOF? 

Our standard electrical configuration is 32A which includes 6 double 10A power points, 1 LED Ceiling Light and Power Inlet. 

We provide 4 years EWOF (Electrical Warrant of Fitness)

We provide a COC (Certificate of Compliance)

Is it possible to run power on batteries and solar panels? 

It is possible; however, this options are very limited, typically producing up to 500W (unless you want to invest 000's in a Tessla battery).  

Can you provide a inverted generator to power my trailer? 

We can provide Honda, Briggs and Stratton, and GT Power Generators, please refer to the Equipment page for more info. 

Does the trailer come with gas fitting and certification? 

Yes we can install all your gas appliances along with Certification. This is an add-on service, provided upon request. 

Can you provide appliances? What warranty do they come with? 

We can provide electrical and gas appliances, these all come with a 1 year warranty. 

Can I install my own appliances? 

Sure, since this service is an optional for appliances that are not built-in. 

How does the hot water work?

Trailers are fitted with a high quality Haier Brand 10Litre electrical water heater. Our SeaFlow Water Pump Draws water up from the 100L Fresh Water Tank below

the trailer floor up into the water heater. 

I’m starting my food business from scratch, what’s steps should I follow? 

We recommend starting with your business plan and then checking with your local Council on their requirements. 

What feature should I consider when custom building my trailer? 

Having a your business plan and deciding on what type of food you are aiming to sell is important. When you are clear on this, we can then help you with

the right appliances for your trailer.

How many people will be working in your trailer? What type of Food or Beverage do you plan on selling?

This helps us recommend the most suitable trailer to meet your needs. 

I’m not sure how to design the interior of my trailer, can you provide assistance? 

Sure we can. We can professional help to  for making your business ideas into a layout. 


How do custom build orders work? 

We can customize your trailer according to your specifications. Once you are happy with the layout we start manufacturing process which takes approx. 12 - 14 weeks. 

Can I choose exterior colour of my trailer? 


Yes you can, please refer to the link below for colour options.



How long does it take a custom-built order to be delivered? 

Normally takes 12 to 14 weeks once your customised trailer plan has been signed off and a deposit paid. If there is external work, such as gas fittings or electrical work, delivery times varies according to booking availability.  

What are the payments terms for a custom-built order? 

For custom-built orders, a minimum of 50% is required and balance is payable before delivery. Check for current discount offers for 100% payment. 

What type of towing car do I need? 

Please check your vehicles towing weight (if you google your car make and model it should be easy to find. Then we can help advise the total trailer

weight when your trailer is fully loaded.

How do I register the trailer under my name? 

You can do it online or at VTNZ once payment has been received. Please use this link for registering your trailer online, 

What mechanical maintenance do these trailers need? 

Please check our Safety Instructionsfor more info.

My stainless steel looks rusty, how can I clean this up? 

Please follow this useful link for stainless steel maintenance.


Can I use magnets signs on these trailers? 

You might use magnets, however, we recommend removing them when not in use, since it is known they cause paint fading and peeling.  

I need to change the colour of my trailer; can I repaint it? 

We recommend a total paint removal (striping) before painting. This should be done by an automotive or panel beating specialist. 

I need to modify few things on my trailer, should I inform you about this? 

Please note that any alterations or modifications should be informed to NZFT before they are carried on. Failure to do this might void your 1 year warranty. 

I have changed my mind about my food business, can I return my trailer and get a refund? 

Please refer to our Return Policy for more information

Do you guys do branding and wrapping? 

Yes, we can provide this service.  

Can you make an empty trailer without shelves and benching? 

Yes, for custom built orders we can do it. 

I have a caravan that I would like to transform into food trailer, can you guys help?

Our company does not provide this type of service; however, we can recommend a reliable steel fabricator for this purpose. 

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