1-year comprehensive coverage - This comprehensive coverage will protect you from manufacturing defects on every single component of the trailer (defective parts and pieces, free replacement).



1year structural warranty on the entire trailer - If used according to SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS we guarantee our trailer to be structurally free from manufacturing defects (repair of factory structure failures).


In order to be under warranty, you should meet criteria and safety instructions.




This Limited warranty shall not apply to:

1. Any defect in the Product which was caused by other than normal use and service of the body or accessory or by any of the following:

 Accidents including but not limited to collision

 Improper operation, abnormal usage, misuse or negligence

 Overloading

 Failure to provide routine maintenance and repair service and failure to provide any other reasonable and proper maintenance and repair

 Improper repair or installation

 Unsuitable storage

 Repairs, alterations or modification including the installation of accessories, not made or installed by NZFoodTrailers limited or approved repair facility.

 Accidents, chemicals, acts of God, and any other acts which are not the fault of NZFoodTrailers limited

 Vandalism

2. Any Product (including anybody or accessory) whose identification numbers or marks have been altered or removed.

3. Transportation costs, if any, of transporting the Product or any component to an approved repair facility.

4. Depreciation caused by normal wear, lack of reasonable maintenance, failure to follow operating instructions, misuse, or lack of proper protection during storage.

5. Any installation of a Product on chassis other than original factory installation.

6. Damage to paint resulting from deterioration due to wear or exposure, misuse, chipping, scratching, deterioration or damage from road elements, such as magnesium chloride (liquid salt), sand, improper wash solvents, and / or weather conditions.

7. Damage caused by loose nuts, bolts or screws including improperly torqued wheel lug nuts.

8. Any trailer utilized as a rental unit or as part of a rental combination with rental equipment.

9. Parts and accessories which are not defective but may wear out and have to be replaced during the warranty period, including, but not limited to normal wear items, light bulbs, paint, brakes, tires, decking and the like.





1. Inform us directly within 3 business days of occurrence via email

- please detail trailer issues (brief description of circumstances)

- date of occurrence

- pictures of damage

- Invoice copy


2. Claim confirmation email

You will receive an email with a resolution and steps to follow within 2 business days.


3. Repair or parts replacement

- Repairs will be arranged through a local area service supplier

- Parts will be provided and should be installed at buyers end


4. Refund for repairs off coverage area


- If we are unable to supply a repair service through our agents we require at least 2 quotes from external repair service

- Once the quote has been reviewed and approved, we will send a confirmation email

- Refund will be processed within 5 business days after we receive external service repair invoice