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Trendy Blends

Real Fruit Ice Cream Machine

Real Fruit Ice Cream Machine - Trendy Blends

Trendyblends is a commercial grade Real Fruit Ice Cream machine, designed and developed in New Zealand over the past ten years.

Our machines have been tested in real world applications over a ten year period, with many machines making over 50 thousand ice creams, trouble free and still going strong. We have an excellent reliability and durability record, with very little problems with our machines, unlike a number of other machines on the market.

You get more features and better value with a Trendyblends machine, along with full after sales service for the life of your machine.


After Sales Service :

We give full after sales service so that our customers can concentrate on getting on with their business and making money. There is an art to making great Real Fruit Ice Cream, regardless of what machine you use. With a Trendyblends you have more flexibility to use a wider range of ingredients and less restriction on ingredients temperatures than other machines.

We give you full operation information, including videos, recipe ideas, tricks and tips so that there is no learning curve and you can produce quality and exciting ice cream quickly. We provide a 12 months warranty. Generally a Trendyblends machine needs little maintenance and is extremely reliable.

Unlike some other brands that are complicated to work on (or the cheap imitation machines that usually can’t be repaired at all), our machines are designed to be very easy to work on and resolve any issue. We also have full parts and service information, so that any service person can easily and quickly repair a machine, and can usually trouble shoot a problem over the phone. If needed we can even have a video call to trouble shoot problems or give operation tutorials.


Technical Specifications :

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