Build your own trailer following these easy steps


Choose your model from our PRODUCTS 

Before you choose, answer these questions :

  • What is my business about, light or heavy cooking?

  • How many people will work inside the trailer?

  • What kind of equipment do I need, electrical or gas based?

  • Do I need a Range hood?

  • What will be the total weight that I'm loading into the trailer?

  • What is my budget?


Choose your appliances from our EQUIPMENT 

For gas appliances you should consider :


  • Gas installation is quoted once trailer is in NZ.

  • Extra ventilation is required

  • Range hood must cover cooking area

  • A gas box is required

For electrical appliances & Coffee machine, consider :


  • Coffee machines require a 15A or 20A separate circuit.

  • Appliance size should go according to trailer bench measurements

  • Max power per appliance is 3000W

  • Total power for 32A wiring is 7Kva 

  • Check what type of power with your venue

  • Recommended Generators;

    • for 32A circuit 7Kva,

    • for 16A circuit 3 or 4 Kva.



If you have your own appliances it's not a problem! Just provide us with their measurements L x W x H (mm)


Do I need Fridge / Freezer?

We can provide bench top 200L fridge and/or freezer (installed)

If you need something smaller, we can provide 90L bar fridge

Also chest freezer, Ice cream freezer


Or you can get your own locally and install it once trailer arrives!

Ask us about recommended size


Choose your colour from RAL COLOUR CHART


  • Round models: All colors at no extra cost

  • Square models: White, Black, Red, Yellow color, at no extra cost


Any special requirement for your trailer?


  • Single / double door?

  • Bigger / smaller windows?

  • Benches / shelfs / storage?

  • Gas / generator box?

  • Spare wheel?

  • Delivery?


Ready to put all together?

Now that you have sorted all previous questions, we can start with your project :

  1. Send us an email to with all your inquiries and ideas

  2. We will put a floor plan and a full quote for you

  3. If you are happy with our quote, we will go ahead and make a full 5 views drawings + 3D concept of your trailer

  4. We require a 50% down payment 

  5. Lead time is about 8 weeks for production and transit time (we will keep you posted with some pics and inspection feedback)

  6. Allow 2 to 3 business days for electrical fitting (and/or gas)

  7. Let us know if transport arrangement is required

  8. if not, your trailer will be ready for pick up